Day 7: Drifting between Icebergs at Jökulsárlón

Oh my, how time flies when you are having fun!  I apologize for not posting in a while — Kyle and I have been out exploring our new surroundings and I haven’t had much free time!  🙂  But enough excuses… Let’s get back to the Icelandic adventure.

Now, where did I leave off…

I woke up feeling pretty under-the-weather.  However, my misery quickly dissipated when I opened our camper doors and took in the views.  (I apologize for the quality/quantity of the picture from this day. Kyle’s camera was out of battery and I had to use my phone camera.)


Hundreds of floating icebergs bobbed in the glassy water… The view of the lagoon at night was stunning, but something about the morning sun gave the lagoon a whole new feel.

Kyle and I rushed over to the zodiac tour booth to reserve our spots on the 11am boat.  Luckily, we were the last two to make it on!

The trip out on the lagoon was spectacular.  A absolute must for all who visit the lagoon!


We drifted and buzzed in and out of icebergs.  There were several seals that leisurely watched us pass, while sunbathing on their own ice islands.


The whole experience was unworldly, I must admit.


I also enjoyed wearing the suits they gave us to keep us toasty.  I felt like an astronaut. 🙂


After the tour, Kyle and I ventured down to where the lagoon meets the ocean.  The black beach was littered with pieces of icebergs.


The contrast of the crystal ice on the black beach was amazing.


We made our way to Höfn and we spent time getting acquainted with some ‘stylist’ icelandic horses…


(doesn’t it look like they style their hair?!)




We decided to stop at the camping area in Höfn for the use of their wonderful shower facilities, electricity, and internet.  We were in desperate need of all three.  Plus, we had to further investigate the best method of getting through the East Fjords since we lacked experience of driving through mountains with a manual was making us anxious.

We were so happy we decided to stay in Höfn because that night we witnessed the northern lights as they danced above the bay.



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