The Icelandic Journey Begins: Part I

10517674_2182558535269_1082602762783820120_n It has been an exciting, but crazy busy two months!!  Only days before leaving for our Icelandic adventure, Kyle graduated from PA school and I had an interview for my dream job in Seattle!  Immediately upon our return to the States, we happily found out we had the opportunity to make the BIG move across the country to Seattle for my new job.  Since we only had 3 weeks to move, we quickly flew out to Seattle, found a new home, and frantically packed while I worked full-time.  Because of all this, I have not had the chance to sit down and write about our journey in Iceland as I have promised so many people I would.  Since life has finally started to slow down again, I will start writing about our trip and about our life in the Pacific Northwest!

Before I go into our trip’s daily details, I want to discuss why we chose to travel to Iceland, how we prepared for our experience, and what we packed (packing for camping in Iceland is a difficult, yet fun task!) over the next few days.  Then, we will go through our amazing, out-of-this-world experiences.

Anyways, people who know me know that I have a strong (intense) passion for adventure and traveling to places that are off-the-grid and less travelled.  I have a deep desire to go to places like Greenland, Patagonia, and Antarctica.  These places have an untouched, fiercely rugged beauty that spark interest and pull Kyle and I in.

In December 2013, our obsession with Iceland was ignited.  The beauty of the country is unworldly, unwavering, intense, and truly life-changing!  Our camping journey took us slightly little over 1300 miles and throughout our trip we experienced majestic cliffs, green mountains, northern lights, thousands of waterfalls (literally), Mars-like landscapes, glacial lagoons, moss-covered lava fields, and so much more!  We thought we had died and went to heaven simple because we have never seen such beauty.  And the amazing aspect is that we were able to witness Iceland’s elegance alone — without the massive crowds travelers.

We are in love with Iceland and counting the days until we go back! I hope you enjoy our blog!  And if you decide to go to Iceland, that this blog helps you with your planning! 🙂  Read Part 2 now!


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