Throwback Thursday: Phillip Island, Australia

Gosh, it is amazing how time flies!  It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since Kyle and I were residing in Australia.  We created many memorable moments in the Land Down Under and  anticipate to venture back there shortly, if not live there for awhile again!

Recently, Kyle and I took a trip down memory lane while reading through the journal we kept when we were in Australia.  The remembrance of our adventures gave me the idea to blog about them!

One of our most treasured days in Australia was our spontaneous journey to Phillip Island.  This island was considered to be one of Australia’s biggest attractions!  Since it was only about 1 1/2 hours from our humble abode in the suburbs of Melbourne, we decided to venture south and see what all the hype was about.  We bought discounted tickets to the island’s 3 main attractions: Churchhill farms, the koala conservation center, and the “world famous” penguin parade.

Churchhill farms offered spectacular views of the bay and the Koala Conservation Center got us up-close and personal to some of Australia’s cutest creatures!  It was absolutely fantastic! But by far, the most memorable attraction was the “world famous” penguin parade!

Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

The “parade” was exactly as it sounds — a parade of hundreds of the world’s smallest penguins!  They came ashore at dusk and hobbled back to their burroughs along the grassy cliffs.  Hundreds of people line the grandstands each night to watch this parade of penguins!  Kyle and I purchased the VIP package, which gave us access to a secluded beach with about 60 other people (this got us away from the big crowds and allowed us to get closer to the action).  After about an hour of  patiently waiting, the penguins began to emerge from the sea.  They gathered along the water’s edge waiting until they felt as though it was safe enough to hobble across the beach.  Several times, one penguin observed something scary and would dash back into the water, closely followed by the rest of it’s comrades. A few minutes later, they would all nervously remerge and slowly begin to waddle across the beach.  Some penguins would have to walk as much as 1.5 km to get back to their burrough.  When they over-exgerted themselves, they would simply keel over onto their round bellies to rest.

This “event” was incredibly fascinating and super cute!  If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, you must venture down to Phillip Island to experience these attractions.


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