Planning the Icelandic Roadtrip

Oh boy, I can’t wait!  Kyle and I will be exploring Iceland in around 6 short months!  Our adventurous souls are in full gear and this weekend only kindled our ever-growing excitement.

Kyle and I spent this weekend cozied up in a Caribou Coffee surrounded by our computers, travel books, magazines, maps, and coffee.  We mapped out many of the places we hope to experience while we are on our 2 week adventure and tried to strategically plan our route.  We read through other blogs to get firsthand accounts on how others Icelandic explorers have approached circumnavigating this remote nation.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 7.18.15 PM

Our ever-growing list of things to experience (for details and to watch it grow check out Pinterest)

Since we are renting a cute little 2wd camper van as our steady steed for the journey, we responsibly researched the road conditions along our anticipated path.  As you have probably observed, we have found several (a vast understatement) locations we want to experience!  We both have tried to figure out how to fit the Westfjords into our excursion; however, most blogs/threads stated that road conditions in this extremely beautiful, yet very remote area vary greatly and could be difficult with only 2wd.  Additionally, the time required to travel Route 1 (1,332km of road that circumnavigates the island nation, but does not include the Westfjords) and make planned detours will probably demand ALL of our 12 days with the vehicle.  Since we probably won’t be able to make it to the Westfjords on this journey, we are definitely adding this to our list when we travel to Greenland!

In a Foreign Land - West Fjords, Iceland

Westfjords, Iceland

If you have never had a desire to explore the Land of Fire and Ice, I highly suggest that you search for Iceland in Google Maps, select any location in the country, and utilize the street view option!  I promise you will not be disappointed!  This is my current pass time obsession  🙂


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