Midwest Adventure: Mariano’s and IPic Theaters

Have you ever checked out of a grocery store while a pianist plays on a grand piano?  Or gone to the movies and been offered sofa recliner seats, blankets, and pillows?

Saturday, Kyle and I planned on going to Milwaukee to go on a few brewery tours; however, the storm Maximus left us stuck in Chicago’s western suburbs.   We still wanted to go out and explore, so we decided to check out some hot spots that we have not yet visited — Mariano’s and IPic Theaters.

Now, I love unique, speciality grocery stores, especially the Standard Market of Westmont.  I have been hearing lot about Mariano’s on the news and from people at my work.  I had been meaning to check it out for weeks — so with this snowy day, Kyle and I decided to head over to the Mariano’s in Elmhurst, IL.


This grocery store vastly exceeded my expectations!  The store offered an amazing selection of organic produce, speciality meats, and cheeses.  There was an awesome salad and soup bar that would make Whole Foods shy away.   One feature Mariano-goers must indulge in is Squeez’d, which offers shoppers fresh pressed made-to-order smoothies and juices.   Try the Green Mango Smoothie — it’s exhilarating!

After exploring the grocery store for nearly 2 hours, Kyle and I decided to see The Wolf of Wall Street at the IPic Theaters in Bolingbrook, IL.  If you have not been to an IPic Theater before, I highly suggest you find one to witness a luxurious movie-going experience.



The IPic Theater in Bolingbrook offers movie-goers with an expensive, sophisticated atmosphere.  When going to this theater, you experience more than just a movie — there is the Salt Sports lounge were people can grab cocktails and play a game of pool before their film starts.  Additionally, there is fabulous chef prepared grab and go food in which you can bring in with you to the movie!  The tickets for premium seats cost $17, while the premium plus seats are $25.  With the plus seating, you can watch your feature in fully-reclining, suede sofa chairs with a blanket and pillow!  After our experience at IPic Theaters, I don’t think we will go to a normal movie theater again!

Check back tomorrow for the details of our trip to Milwaukee to check out some local breweries!


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