Midwest Adventure: Museum of Science and Industry

When Kyle and I moved to Chicago, we purchased the Chicago CityPass so that we could witness the highlights of this wonderful city.  The tickets were only $84 dollars per person and they gave us all-access passes to the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Skydeck, Field Museum, the Art Museum, and the museum of Science and Industry.  The only catch was that the passes expire 9 days after your first day of use.  Near the end of the 9 day period, Kyle and I were all museumed out and we decided to save the Museum of Science and Industry for a later date.

Since the second polar vortex of the year decided to hit this weekend, Kyle and I thought it was the perfect time to head over to the museum for a fun day indoors.  And we had a blast!  We started in the Science of Storms, which was an interactive exhibit to help one demystify the chemistry and physics behind some of the world’s most fascinating occurrences.  We explored this exhibit for nearly 1 hour absorbing information.


After creating some tsunami waves and gawking at the simulated tornado, we saw new technologies and inventions in the Fast Forward display and baby chicks hatch in the Genetics exhibit.  We explored most of the vast museum and finally found ourselves in the You! The Experience display.  This was our favorite part of the museum!  This section offers visitors with interactive displays of the human body and mind.  There were machines that took our picture, asked us questions about our lifestyle, and then produced photos of how we may look as we age.  It was so interesting!  Also, there was a game where you wear electrodes on your forehead and the players must try to control their brainwave and relax the more than their opponent to win.  Super interesting!


If you are looking for a fun day indoors, check out the Museum of Science and Industry.  Kyle and I only purchased the main entrance fee for $18 per person, which offered us more than enough to see during the day.  Parking at the Museum is $20 and is located underneath the museum!

Stay tuned, this weekend we are heading to Milwaukee to do a tour of the areas breweries!


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