Midwest Adventure: Summer fun at Arlington Park

It’s yet another super duper cold one here the Chicago area.  All I could do at work today was dream of warmer weather and all the things I want to do this summer — camp, hike, swim, and watch some horse races!!  I can’t wait!

Last summer, Kyle and I were introduced to the wonderful world of horse racing after being invited to one of our friend’s wedding shower.  After that experience, our lives were changed (I mean, we watched the movie Secretariat literally 5 times… I love that horse!)  Anyways, if you are looking for a fun summer activity make sure to check out the horse races at Arlington Park, you won’t regret you did!  After the wedding shower event, Kyle and I went back to Arlington Park nearly every weekend for the rest of the summer!

Arlington Park


Arlington Park is easily accessible from Chicago.  It is located in the suburb of Arlington Heights, which is about 30 miles northwest of Chicago.  This summer the excitement at the racetrack begins on Friday, May 2nd and runs until September 29th!  During the months of May and June, racing occurs on Wednesday through Sunday; and all other operational months has racing that runs from Thursday to Sunday. The entrance fee to the track is only $8 per person, which is rather inexpensive for nearly 6 hours of entertainment and excitement!


There is about 3o minutes between each race.  During this time, it is fun to walk out back and watch the horses and jockeys get ready for their big race!  With about 10 minutes before the post-time, the horses and their jockeys head out to the track.  At this time, I like situate myself in a prime spot on the side of the track near the finish line!  It is such fun to watch the horses round the bend and speed into the finish line!


So, this summer if you are looking for a fun day in the sun… head over to the Arlington Park Racecourse for a day of pure fun and excitement!  Here is an amazing clip from youtube to get you ready for this summer’s horse racing season.




2 thoughts on “Midwest Adventure: Summer fun at Arlington Park

    1. Thank you! 🙂 You won’t regret going to your local racetrack! We didn’t know what to expect at first, but have had a fabulous time, time after time. Enjoy!

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