Explore The Land of Fire and Ice



“Iceland is not a destination.  It is an adventure.”

Those are the first words I read from my new Icelandic guide book.  If I wasn’t already excited for our Icelandic experience, this phrase has definitely pushed me into pure exhilaration!  My husband and I want to explore the road less traveled and Iceland is the perfect adventure to do this.

Iceland is not an inexpensive adventure, especially if you plan to see as much of the magical and magnificent country as you can.  We plan to circumnavigate the country and experience as many Icelandic wonders as can fit into our two week exploration.  We intend to set aside a budget of about $7,000 USD for this adventure.  Throughout the next several months, I am going to share how we plan to execute this adventure on this allowance and ways that you can  experience Iceland on this or an even tighter budget.  I will also share the information and interesting facts I come across during my extensive research about the Land of Fire and Ice.

Iceland WaterfallSource

5 thoughts on “Explore The Land of Fire and Ice

      1. You won’t be disappointed wherever you go in Iceland, but our very favorite experiences would have to be photographing the puffins at Latrabjarg, hiking the Laugavegur trail, taking a Zodiac ride in Jokulsarlon and camping at the base of Dynjandi Falls. If we had to pick one region to see well, it would probably the Westfjords first and then the south coast. We are giving a presentation to our camera club about our trip on February 17, and we see you live in the Chicago area. You might like to come if you can make it. Check out our post at http://takeahikephotography.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/announcing-our-iceland-photography-exhibit/ for more information.

      2. Those sights sound spectacular! We definitely want to have the Westfjords on our itinerary while caravanning around the country. We would love to come check out your photograph presentation! Thanks for the invite! 🙂

  1. Wow, with that budget, you should be able to really enjoy the island. I’m on more of a 1K for each summer months, but I will be hitchhiking and camping my way around the island, so I’ll be able to keep my expenses low. I look forward to hearing how this trip turns out for you.

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