Midwest Treasures: Starved Rock

It’s been awfully cold throughout the Chicago Area this week, however, warmer weather is just around the corner with temperatures approaching 40 degrees this weekend!  Now, this doesn’t sound especially thrilling, but it will be a welcomed change from the -15 degrees we experienced earlier this week.


Ice and Frost… INSIDE our home

To get outside and put a stop to this hibernation mode I have been in, Kyle and I are planning a short day trip to Starved Rock.  This state park is only 92 miles southwest from downtown Chicago and is the perfect winter escape.  I have been told that Starved Rock in the winter is an amazing place to see dozens of Bald Eagles.  Now, I am not a bird enthusiast — but I think it would be fun to explore Starved Rock in the winter and see these majestic creatures.

Apparently, the extreme cold weather drives more Eagles to the area because area lakes and rivers freeze over.  Since Eagles rely on fish for food, they flock to Starved Rock to feed on the fish at the Dam located in the area.  So if you have a chance, try to head over to Starved Rock this winter to see if you can spot some Bald Eagles.

For more information check out the Starved Rock State Park  website.


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